Body Scrubber

Our gently but powerful silicone body scrubber for men helps wipe off the grime of the day. Use the body scrubber after long, active days by lathering your favorite soap or body wash. The silicone body scrubber will help remove dirt, oil, and pollutant build-up and provide an extra boost to your skin care routine. This is the perfect shower scrubber and it comes with a wall attachment so you can quickly and conveniently cleanse and exfoliate your body during your daily shower.

How To Use:

Simply rub the body scrubber onto a bar of soap or apply a quarter-sized about of liquid body wash and gently rub scrubber across your skin to form a healthy lather. When you're done, rinse your skin with warm water and pat dry with a towel.

Why It's Great:

FDA Food-Grade Silicone is long-lasting, durable, and contains no fillers or BPA which can harm your body and the environment.
Each body scrubber comes with its own hook made from FDA Food-Grade Silicone and stainless steel for easy storage and access in your shower.