Correction Trio Deluxe Set

If dull skin lingers from years of neglect, we’ve got a set for that. Our Correction Trio Set offers damage control to brighten tired, puffy eyes, balance hyperpigmentation, fade acne scars, lighten dark circles, and help repair sun-damaged skin. It’s never too late to discover the difference that men's skincare can make. Give your skin a reset while preventing further damage down the line. Grab this skincare set for men and use as directed for best results.

Why It’s Great:

Apple Extract: Prevents premature aging and repairs damage with potent vitamin C
Green Tea Extract: Reduces inflammation and soothes irritated skin with polyphenols
Lemon Extract: Improves uneven skin tone and helps fight environmental damage

Correction Trio (moisturizing balm, exfoliating rub, dark circle defense) +
Body Wash