Hydration Duo

Moistuizing Balm:

Give your skin a sumptuous boost of moisture with our Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizing Balm. This soothing moisturizer for men is tailored to your unique skin type to help repair sun damage, reverse signs of aging, and balance your skin’s moisture barrier. Natural plant essences, such as ginger and apple extracts, help fight free radicals and prevent further damage.

Why It’s Great:

Meadowfoam Seed Oil: Mimic’s skin’s natural oils to help balance oil production
Apple Extract: Prevents damage and helps repair skin with anti-aging vitamin C
Ginger Extract: Evens out skin tone and helps prevent premature aging

Face Mist:

If the day has you dragging and you need a boost, enjoy a spritz of our Touchless Hydration Face Mist. This hydrating face mist is the perfect way to moisturize skin on the go. Whether you’re jet-lagged or need extra support for sensitive skin, this soothing spray can help keep you feeling refreshed and reduce skin inflammation. If you're wondering how to hydrate your skin when the day is extra busy, try this. Just one spritz will show you the best that skincare for men has to offer.

Why It’s Great:

Ginger Root: Evens out skin tone and helps fight free radicals with potent antioxidants
Licorice Root Extract: Offers anti-aging and astringent properties for clear, youthful skin
Green Tea Extract: Soothes irritated, sensitive skin with age-defying polyphenols