Pumice Exfoliating Body Scrub

Our Pumice Exfoliating Body Scrub helps you achieve a total-body glow with gentle exfoliators that promote smooth, youthful skin. Pumice and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are potent and effective natural exfoliators. This anti-aging, skin-soothing body scrub for men cleanses your pores of dirt and grime and leaves you feeling clean, vibrant, and refreshed.

How To Use:

Wet skin with warm water and apply a quarter-size amount all over your body. Massage into skin in a circular motion and rinse well with lukewarm water to achieve natural exfoliation and smoother skin.

Why It’s Great:

Pumice: Provides gentle exfoliation for smooth, youthful skin
Alpha Hydroxy Acids: Glycolic acid + lactic acid enhance exfoliation
Sophora Flavescens Extract: Protects and soothes inflamed skin
Rosemary Leaf Extract: Nourishes skin with natural antioxidants