Skin-Purifying Toner

Here's a next-level witch hazel toner to upgrade to your routine. Lumin's witch hazel toner for men is completely alcohol-free and cruelty-free. This face toner gently clears pores of dirt and excess oil, while helping restore the pH balance of your skin.

What is a skin toner? Think of it as your cleanser's plus one, perfect to use morning or night after cleansing and right before moisturizing your face. A quality face toner helps balance your skin's pH which will make a big impact on the appearance of your pore.

Our toner is fantastic for oily skin because it is packed with natural herbs, botanical extracts, and antioxidant-rich ingredients to help balance skin and remove dirt without irritation from additives commonly found in other toners.

The Skin-Purifying Toner is a gentle formula that gets its soothing power r from the witch hazel plant, aloe, chamomile, and green tea extract that reduces skin inflammation and soothes skin due to naturally occurring polyphenols.

Our face toner formulation also contains ginger root which helps even out skin tone with its hyper-effective antioxidants while fighting free radicals that can age your skin prematurely.

How to Use:

Pour a quarter-sized amount of the skin toner into the palms of your hands and gently pat it into clean skin until absorbed. Alternatively, pour the product onto a cotton pad and sweep it over the face and neck. Follow up with your favorite face moisturizer.

Why It's Great:

Mandarin Orange Peel Extract is an abundant source of vitamin C that balances skin, promotes collagen to firm the skin, and helps to remove dead cells, and dirt.
A wild botanical blend of Witch Hazel, Green Tea, Cucumber, Aloe, Oat Kernel, Chamomile Extract help to gently balance skin tone for a smoother look and feel.
Herbal extracts such as Licorice, Ginger, Chinese Skullcap Root give our face toner antioxidant properties to protects the skin from free radical damage and aging.
Our skin toner is a gently alcohol-free astringent.