Soothing Beard Oil

Boost beard growth and shine with our Soothing Beard Oil. This beard oil features pure argan oil for hair to reduce dryness and frizziness and help prevent breakage. Natural avocado and tamanu oils strengthen and condition your hair and hair follicles so that you can achieve an epic, perfectly groomed beard. If you've been wondering how to use beard oil, we promise — it couldn't be easier. We set out to create the best beard oil possible, and we nailed it if we do say so ourselves.

How To Use:

Apply a few drops of beard oil to your fingers and gently massage the oil upwards into your beard. Follow up with your usual grooming routine until your beard achieves greatness.

Why It’s Great:

Tamanu Oil: Encourages strong, long, healthier beard hair
Grape Seed Oil: Blocks hair loss-promoting DHT hormone
Argan Oil: Strengthens hair and repairs dryness with vitamin E